The Miami Real Estate Market By Zack Belil

This is my friend Zack. The reason I posted his talk is because so many people ask me about the Miami real estate market. He sums it up. One of the best.

Steve Greenberg and Robert Armada took these photos of where we live as their airplane took off from Miami to New York yesterday. Our condo is second from the left. Fisher island is on the bottom right. Great shot men. Thank you!
Here is a wider shot. Our condo is just in the center where the marina starts. Hey, there’s Monty’s restaurant with the aqua top to the left. Eliot loves the spare ribs.

Yvette Mimieux, Who Found Fame With ‘The Time Machine,’ Dies at 80


Every day I create an Andy Warhol happy birthday picture for friends on Facebook. I have been doing this for years. Here are some of my recent ones.

Marissa Buckanoff worked at HWH PR for a few years. Long time executive at the UN. Travels the world.
Zac Karp, son of friends Caryl and Franklin Karp of Long Beach, NY. Zac lives in Denver and is an avid skier.
Gloria Winkowski lives in South Beach, a few blocks from us. She and her husband Bill were best next door neighbors to our friends Kent and Brian.
Joao Lemos of Ft. Lauderdale recently married Juan Carlos Zapata in Colombia, South America.
Meghan Dougherty, an undertaker’s daughter, worked at HWH PR for a few years. Now she lives in Denver with her husband and children.
Gary Arlen, the famous Washington DC writer, who visits more museums around world than anyone else you know.
Alex Nunez, an extraordinary artist. She lives in Miami and we are partnering on a series of projects yet to be announced.
Dr. Steve Mandy, famous dermatologist, painter, photographer, avid skier and wine connoisseur. Lives in our condo building.
Gary Arlen again. A new type of selfie.

Dr. Bruce Yaffe is a leading concierge internist/gastroenterologist in NYC. His office is directly across the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Powerful golfer.

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