My Guest Appearance On The “Sunday Painter” Podcast With Alex Nunez

Click here for the podcast

The minute I laid eyes on Alex Nunez a number of years ago, I knew that she was destined to be one of the most important artists of our times. Not only is she a talented painter who puts secret messages in her work, but she can talk about all kinds of art in the most fascinating ways. Trust me, if you never cared about art before, you will once Alex starts to explain what a painting is all about. She has her Masters In Fine Arts. You have to check out all of her work on Instagram.

Alex also has a podcast that plays music artists like to listen to while they work. Music influences art, and art influences music. I have no idea why Alex asked me to be a guest on her show other than to talk about why I surround myself with so much art, and why I hang out with people who create contemporary work. Answer: I love their energy.



Thank you SZS for these signs


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