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The Frost Art Walk, one of my favorite activities takes place next week. Some of the best jazz musicians in South Florida will perform this month at the Miami Botanical Garden. We finally got to dine at Carbone of South Beach, the most popular “A” crowd restaurant in Miami. And this spring you’ll be able to watch movies under the stars. And our roving photographer, Eliot Hess, has more photos of our beloved city, like the one pictured here. So many reasons to love our city. 

March 15. Frost Art Walk

One of my favorite activities is about to take place next Tuesday, March 15, from 12pm to 1pm. Amy Galpin, the Chief Curator, for the Frost Art Museum, is going to give a tour of the public art on the campus of Florida International University. This is a very special treat because the art sculptures surrounding the museum on the FIU campus is so striking that you want to know more about it. 


Entertainment at the Miami Botanical Garden

One of the most picturesque areas where you really come face to face with nature, while enjoying the fresh air, is the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, and they offer all kinds of entertainment. At the end of this month some of the best jazz musicians in South Florida will be performing along with Broadway star Avery Sommers (Chicago, Showboat, Ain’t Misbehavin’). Bring a chair or a blanket.


Dining with the “A” Crowd

I finally dined at Carbone’s of South Beach last night, the most popular, and revered restaurant in Miami Beach, with my husband and two dear friends. The only reason I got in was because my BFF’s had the reservation and suddenly couldn’t use it. I jumped at the chance because getting a reservation is almost impossible. We knew the prices were exorbitant, but $170 each? Then when it came time for the desert, we were handed a check at the same time, and told that the folks with the next reservation were waiting. Will I return? 


Movies Under the Stars

The first time I went to a movie in an open-air arena was in Monaco, thirty years ago. I thought it was so cool to be sitting under the stars looking at a huge screen. Now I am going to be able to have that experience all over again when the Rooftop Cinema Club comes to town in the Spring.


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