My Eighth Week As The Miami Life Editor Of The Three Tomatoes

Lois Whitman-Hess

Miami Life Editor

The Three Tomatoes

If you want to have a speedboat experience in Miami that you will never forget, I have just the boat for you. I couldn’t believe my ears. I just heard that one of the most famous restaurants in Miami is coming back to life. Do you need a good stretch? Well there’s a new concept in Miami called the Stretch Zone Method. And shh…my husband Eliot and I went behind the gates at one of the most private beach clubs in Miami, nestled in these condos in the picture above. I’m sharing the secrets, but don’t tell anyone. 

A Thrill You Will Remember Forever 

If you like thrills, I have just the boat for you. It’s called the Thriller. You may find yourself holding on for dear life as you speed along the Miami waterways like they did in the TV show called Miami Vice. The Thriller is the only sightseeing tour boat that goes out to the ocean and speeds along South Beach. That sight alone is worth the trip to Miami.


Start Spreading the News

I just heard that The News Café in Miami is coming back to life. It quietly closed during Covid. Most folks on the beach were devastated. It was much more than a restaurant. It was an institution that represented the vitality of the city of Miami. Everyone went there to see and be seen. It’s reopening on Ocean Drive at the newly renamed Tony Hotel South Beach, exactly where it was before. I can’t wait.


Miami May Be a Stretch for You

Someone read my mind. I just received a promotional piece from Stretch Zone Method, a new concept in Miami, that said “stretch practitioners will move my muscles in ways that will achieve lasting gains.” Now that sounded very interesting considering I sit at my computer all day.  My muscles need a good workout on a consistent basis. 


Behind The Gates

I’m taking you behind the scenes at one of the most private beach clubs in Miami. The Patio is located at the Continuum Condominiums, and very few residents or visitors to Miami ever get to see it. You have to be invited by someone who lives in one of the two luxury towers which are situated next to the beach at the tip of South Pointe Park. It’s one of the most beautiful settings you have ever seen.


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