“You answer to no one and you may be able to enjoy it. There is nothing to feel guilty about. This is all part of the healing process.”

Who Zippers Your Dress?

Everyone who is over 50 and is widowed should listen to this. We welcome your reactions. Susan Warner, a widow herself, will answer you. Send comments to loisw@hwhpr.com.

In this podcast ….

Silver Lining. Very few people who are widowed would ever admit that they can experience a newfound independence in their solo life. Susan Warner talks about this repressed emotion because everyone needs to understand it’s quite normal to suddenly realize, “You answer to no one and you may be able to enjoy it. There is nothing to feel guilty about. This is all part of the healing process.”

Susan quickly points out that she would do anything to bring back her husband and live the life she had before, but she knows that’s not going to happen. So now, she leads a life on her own terms. “I have loved and I have lost. I will do what I want, when I want, with whom I want.”

This episode is profound for both widowed and divorced people of any age. Susan leads you through a myriad of emotions that have a silver lining for those who want an independent, fuller, and self-reliant next chapter.

Listen to Susan’s podcast here – https://susanswarner.com/podcast/episode-6-who-zippers-your-dress/

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