Susan Lost Her Son And Husband Within Six Months Of Each Other

Her podcast is all about living her best possible life. This episode, number 8, actually explains what was going on in her life, soon after, tragedy struck four years ago. Her podcast is called, “Susan Is Suddenly Single.”

Susan S Warner


A Necessary Reflection


In all of our past podcasts, Susan Warner has talked about moving forward, not beyond, when you lose someone you  love.  To many of Susan’s followers, her confidence and desire to live the best possible life, may seem like she possesses an inner strength that they do not.  She stresses that never in this journey has it been entirely easy or uncomplicated.


It’s time that she talked about her past, and what it was like in the early days after the death of her son and then, soon after, the death of her husband. What was she thinking in those days, how did she feel, where did she go, how did she conduct herself? 


This information will give her loyal listeners a true understanding of who Susan is, her struggles and triumphs. This podcast will explain the past and give listeners a lens to the journey: the pain, the path to recovery from loss and her transformation.  It can serve as a road map to those that have endured and suddenly find themselves afloat alone.  This information can be an inspirational exploration to find contentment and personal happiness.


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