Busy Work Week

It’s Swim Week in Miami. One of the biggest fashion show ever for new swim suits designs. Or what’s left of them. Ha ha.

by Lois Whitman-Hess, Miami Life Editor, The Three Tomatoes

Miami Life: Swim Week, New Park, River Cruise, Outdoor Entertainment – The Three Tomatoes


I had so much fun working on getting press yesterday for Cadet Camp at the Lafayette Fire Department, Lancaster, PA. That’s my client, Jillian Crane, CEO of the First Responders Children’s Foundation in a Hazmat suit. Local ABC, CBS and FOX showed up and did extensive coverage on the two day camp introducing kids to emergency services and through STEM learning activities what it means to be a #FirstResponder. Lafayette Fire Company even had a REAL fire call during camp. Thank you to all who attended and to our partners who make this programming possible! #FirstRespondersStrong #thankyou

Four outlets, FOX 43, CBS 21, WGAL, ABC 27 came to cover the Cadet Camp at Lafayette Fire




Our seat mate on AA from Miami to NY
Tom Hanks lookalike

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