My Take on Ivana Trump’s Death

Lois Whitman-Hess
Miami Life Editor
The Three Tomatoes

Ivana Trump lived in our Miami condo building, the Murano at Portofino, for many years. She only spent the winter months with us. Her other home was the New York City townhouse. It’s interesting to note that she lived in Miami, not Palm Beach. We would see her all the time in the lobby, walking her dog, at our beach club, and at condo meetings. She was friendly to all and was always smiling. The staff loved her because she stopped and chatted with them every chance she got. She called them by their first names. They were all very flattered.

I just don’t believe she accidentally fell down the stairs in her townhouse and instantly died. Something doesn’t add up. The Guardian just reported that on last Thursday afternoon, emergency responders investigating a call from Ivana Trump’s home on Manhattan’s Upper East Side found her unconscious.

No one ever says who made that call. Why was she alone? Most folks of her fame and fortune have staff that live in. I know she had a personal assistant in the past. Whenever I called her New York residence for business over the years, the same woman answered. Where is she now? Why would Ivana live alone in a large, multi-level, townhouse? I find that strange.

The newspapers quoted the police who said they found her dead at the scene and noted that there did “not appear to be any criminality.” Appear to be? There should be a full investigation. I just feel that something else happened and someone close to her should keep digging for the truth.

Again, I don’t buy that Ivana died accidentally of blunt impact injuries to her torso. This sounds like jargon to me. What were the exact details that caused her to stop breathing? Someone is hiding something.

The New York City’s chief medical examiner announced that there would be no further comment on the death of Ms. Trump, 73. Why was a statement like this ever made so quickly?

The U.S. health officials consider falls to be the leading cause of injury-related death for people who are 65 years of age or older. About 64 out of 100,000 elderly people die as a result of accidental falls, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I want to know what the injury was that caused her to die. Don’t talk to me in euphemisms. Give it to me straight. Otherwise, I will just keep publicly asking.

4 thoughts on “My Take on Ivana Trump’s Death

  1. I totally agree with you. It is just too suspicious not to have a full investigation. Everything about the Trump family is questionable. His close friend Jeffrey Epstein died from a suicide in jail? Right!

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