A Major Score For Fountainhead Arts

Fountainhead Arts is helping connect curious collectors with local artists

Fountainhead Art Membership

Photograph: Fountainhead

Interested in Miami’s growing art community? This might be the access you’ve been looking for.

Written by Virginia Gil

Friday, September 30 2022

For artists, the road to success is paved by benefactors. Nearly every single artist we know today has benefited from the support of a collector(s). And while the tradition of patronage still exists, the relationship has changed. Platforms like Instagram have made creatives more accessible to collectors while crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter have altered the business landscape altogether. One major difference is the way in which institutions have rallied around artists, forging symbiotic relationships between artists and their respective communities.

Miami arts organization Fountainhead has been developing intimate relationships with artists and art appreciators for the last four years now. Through its membership program established in 2018, the nonprofit has given folks behind-the-scenes access to studios and art fairs, created immersive experiences for “people who want to see the world differently” and helped artists engage with the public in new, meaningful ways. Memberships are split into two tiers,

Benefactor ($500/year for individuals or $850/year for couples) and Visionary ($1250/year for individuals or $2250/year for couples). The biggest difference between the two is that Visionaries get to preview and buy artworks made by artists in residence; receive access to travel tours (past trips have included Mexico City, Paris and Havana); score passes to fairs during Miami Art Week, and are recognized on Fountainhead’s website. In both cases, opting into the membership connects artists and their communities in ways few programs can.

Fountainhead Art MembershipPhotograph: Courtesy Fountainhead

The 2022/23 membership program kicked off this month with a museum tour and lunch with Bonnie Clearwater, director and chief curator of Nova Southeastern University’s Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale.

Upcoming events include the Open Studios Farewell Party (Nov 12) and Miami Art Week VIP experience. Members also get early access to Fountainhead’s monthly open house events (Oct 21 and Nov 25).

If your idea of collecting art is shopping the aisles at Marshalls, perhaps dropping $500 on a cultural annuity seems superfluous. But for the artistically inclined or those curious about Miami’s growing art scene, this might be the gateway to a newfound appreciation. Not to mention that after years of isolation and our general tendency to hide behind social media, IRL connection feels invaluable or, at the very least, a worthwhile investment in ourselves and our communities.

To find out more about Fountainhead’s membership program, visit fountainheadarts.org.

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