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The gastronomic dinner at Ducasse sur Seine on a full electric boat, completely silent. We enjoyed a four-course menu with wine pairing, while taking in the sights of Paris’s most iconic monuments from a unique vantage point along the Seine.
Nicole Blackburn of Ocean Reef glammed it up for our last Fountainhead dinner in Paris together. Photo by Eliot Hess
Eliot captured the Parisian appeal
Teresa Enriquez, Executive Chief Assistant Public Defender of Recruitment and Litigation, Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office and
Sarah Bartesaghi Truong | Founder, Venividi, Paris
. Photo by Eliot Hess.
Not easy getting all of us together. Two still missing

Elevator photos
Elevator Photos
Elevator Photos
Elevator Photos
The bottom of the opera house which sits on the Seine. We took a peek at the river.
Lulama Wolf, Johannesburg, South Africa
The Breeder Gallery, Athens, Greece

“More Of That—More Of Less”
Acrylic and sand on canvas
New To The Hess Collection
Photo By Teresa Enriques

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