Max And Zach’s Wedding

A very meaningful message
The wedding ceremony program
Zach signing the ketubah
Max signing the ketubah
The Kahn family filled with joy
Grandparents Irene and Allan walking down the aisle. My first cousins
Max and his parents, Jodi and Sammy Kahn
Zach and his parents, Jayne and Gary Wolff

Harrison (Max’s brother) & Liana Kahn with three month old baby Yehuda. They flew in from Israel. Sister Carly, always beautiful
The Grooms
Over 200 guests
First cousins/sisters Marilyn Levine and Irene Becker
Cousins Allan and Irene Becker
Cousins Marilyn and Richard Levine
Guess who ?
Grandpa Allan
The Grooms
Zack’s brother’s (he is a triplet. The tallest one is the youngest brother to the triplets) welcome Max to the family and are thrilled to have another tall one on the team. Max is my kissing cousin. Now Zach gets kisses too.
Closer look

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