Why I Vote Blue.


I love Dwayne’s words. He is friendly with my mentor Richard Ekstract. Richard always had nice things to say about Dwayne. That’s why I follow Dwayne on Facebook. Today when I woke up and read his essay, I wanted to share it with you.

“I was raised in a conservative family. I campaigned door-to-door for Senator John Warner in high school. Later, in the 80s, many of us were caught up in the “trickle-down” economics and bull market of the Reagan era and it was hard to argue against a robust economy. I even worked for The Heritage Foundation at one point in my career.

“But today, I think and feel differently. I believe in what the data says. I trust science. It isn’t perfect, but it’s far better than the instincts and opinions of a population (electorate) that gets much of its unqualified news on YouTube, or Twitter, or TikTok. Misinformation and propaganda are now widespread.

“Democrats, including the Biden administration, have followed the scientists and experts — creating smart, effective policies on climate change, mental health, healthcare and other important issues that are real threats to our society. Ironically, these Democratic policies will help tens of millions of people who claim to be die-hard conservatives.

“I’d like to see a kinder world, one full of tolerance, empathy and understanding. If we truly have empathy, we should all worry about the rights of women, the LGBTQ community, the elderly, children and mental health, the poor, marginalized and underserved communities, and more.

“I worry about social injustices in this country and I am now mindful enough to see the struggles that people of color face — the hate crimes, the hate speech, even the microaggressions. There’s also a growing movement of antisemitism.

“I worry about our human decency and I worry about our democracy. I worry about political violence and the threat of a growing autocracy — centralization of power in the hands of a few. Public office is no longer seen as public service; it’s a means to power, something to be won at any and all costs.

“How could this be happening in the America I grew up in? It was far from perfect, but there was always some semblance of reason and logic, and a sense of community and purpose that I think is missing now.

“So, as much as I try to avoid politics in personal posts on FB, I feel the need to state my opinion. As a country of people, we’re much better than this. As I vote in the mid-term elections, I will vote to save our planet because dire circumstances and events lie ahead if we do not act urgently. I will vote to protect people’s rights. I will vote to preserve equal access to voting, to proper healthcare, and to support a society that conducts itself through love, mutual support, empathy and kindness.

“I will vote for a party that takes its direction from the data and facts, the truth — at least, as well as we can know and understand it. The Republican leaders that garner the most attention today represent the opposite. They encourage us to think, “What’s in it for me?” Democrats ask, “How can we make a better society?”

“While one party seeks to look back and feels regressive, the other — in my humble opinion — seeks to look forward to meet real and dangerous threats that are emerging in the world. That party is more progressive, and it has my full support.”

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