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I still have the touch. Baby Lucy belongs to close pals Dana and Alex. Ruth and Howard are the grandparents. They gave me the honor of a bottle feeding. Thank you for this very special visit. Eliot and I loved it. Xoxoxoxo


When Dylan Met The Beatles For The First Time. Iโ€™m reporting from the book,โ€œThe Last Days Of John Lennon.โ€ I loved this part. โ€”LWH.

Alfred Gilbert Aronowitz, the American rock journalist best known for introducing Bob Dylan to The Beatles in 1964, said it was โ€œthe crowning achievement of his career. Brian Epstein, the Beatles manager from 1962 until his death in 1967, arranged for the meeting in the Delmonico Hotel in NYC.

Minutes after meeting each other, Dylan admits to the Beatles that he really likes the line โ€œI get high, I get highโ€ in the song โ€œI Want to Hold Your Hand.โ€

“Actually,” says John, “it’s ‘I can’t hide, I can’t hide.โ€ Everyone in the room shares a laugh. Then Dylan adds, “Here I was, thinking you were singing about smoking pot.” John and Paul exchange embarrassed glances. “We, ah, haven’t really tried marijuana before.”

Dylan’s road manager, Victor
Maymudes, rolls a joint for each Beatle. โ€œGive it to my royal taster,” John
says, pointing to Ringo. Ringo takes several hitsโ€ฆand can’t stop laughing.
John joins in.

Paul spouts existential phil-
osophy and wanders around hugging people, Ringo and George double over in hysterical laughter, especially when the room phone rings and Dylan answers it with, โ€œThis is Beatlemania here.”
“It was such an amazing night,” George later says. “I felt really good. That was a hell of a night.”


The photo below is of my godsonโ€™s son, Lucas. He is far left. Haha. Not sure of his political situation. Nevertheless, this photo makes me so happy, This is the world I want to live in.

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  1. Several years later, didnโ€™t Paul McCartney get arrested for having pot in his luggage when he visited Japan? Who knew that we could have blamed Bob Dylan for that?

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