Celebrity News

Everyone wants a piece of Jayda Knight. We grabbed the first two. If you want to be a star, you need to own one. #celebrity #StarsEverywhere #hollywood
The four Leslie B Weissman paintings finally arrived. We love her ghost like images. So surreal. They speak to me.
I was always fascinated by the many personalities of Kate Moss. That’s why we immediately bought Alex Nuñez’s interpretation of this international star a few years ago. Now Graydon Carter’s Air Mail reports….Kate Moss Reinvents Herself as a Businesswoman with Kate Moss Agency – Air
Mel Schlesser, one of the four early real estate developers in Miami, along with Tony Goldman, Craig Robbins, and Saul Gross, hosted an art party last night at one of his many buildings, Lincoln Center. He told the crowd that the plans for South Beach will keep it the number one paradise destination on planet Earth. Love you Mel.

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