Happy New Year

Eliot, Whitney and I sat next to these legendary ladies at Sarabeth’s, Central Park South, the first night of Roshashona, in the early 21st Century. It was such a “shanda” that we were eating out on a Jewish holiday but that’s what we decided to do that year. The restaurant was empty except for us. Then three old friends showed up and sat down right next to us. I got so “ferklempt” when I saw who they were : Barbara Walters, Joan Rivers, and Cindy Adams.

The three of us couldn’t believe our eyes. It seemed impossible that these women didn’t have other plans. We found out that they wanted to be with each other. Joan acted as the caregiver. She took care of the coats, pulled out the chairs, poured the drinks, secured extra napkins, and placed the food orders. I was proud that we didn’t bother them. A few other parties of two, or three, showed up an hour or two later. No one recognized the women. This is a typical New York City story. The women just wanted to be left alone to talk women stuff. Zei Gezunt!


Happy New Year from the fireworks at 3601 on Miami Beach. Still drinking what Ruth Steinik Greenberg served at Christmas. Thx Ruth. We’ve been bubbly ever since.

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