PODCAST EPISODE 22 – The Subject Of Suicide

My client Susan S Warner

Not too many people understand why a growing number of men, women and children are choosing death by suicide. The press is filled with young people and celebrities alike that take their own lives. It is now time to take a hard look at this phenomenon. Susan’s 32-year-old son died by suicide six years ago. Tragically her husband of 38 years died of an aggressive cancer six months later. Susan has spent the last year sharing her experiences and thoughts with others through essays, editorial interviews, podcasts and quotes from her soon to be released book “Never Say Never, Never Say Always.”

It’s time for Susan to focus on the subject of suicide in ways we haven’t heard from her before. She wants to be very careful about the way she addresses the topic because she is not a trained mental health counselor. Unfortunately, she has had more personal experience in this area than many others. She wants to share her insights and clear up many misconceptions.


Listen to episode 22 of Susan’s podcast here – https://susanswarner.com/episode22/


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