Every Democrat Needs To Watch This Video

Leigh McGowan launched PoliticsGirl as a way to help people reconnect with politics. She started the YouTube channel in 2015 as a way to inform and inspire because she said, “when you understand you care, and when you care you vote”. After watching the fallout from the Trump years, Leigh relaunched the project on TikTok in September of 2020 doing rants in her kitchen as a way to engage the younger generation whose participation, she believed, was essential to the future of the country. People loved her no-nonsense, casual approach and the way she was able to break down complicated issues into everyday speak. As her numbers grew so did her popularity and influence. People like her because she’s smart in a way that doesn’t make them feel dumb.



Be stategic. There’s too much on the line not to play to win.

♬ original sound – IAmPoliticsGirl

Second option, click on link below to access the video


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