Dream Sushi Steps Away From Where I Live

Miami Life—by LWH

I went to Kosushi the other night with my client from Palo Alto, CA, because he said that Silicon Valley doesn’t have many Japanese restaurants. I was surprised to hear that because all of the people I know in the tech industry love Sushi. He added that if I love Chinese food then Silicon Valley is the place to live. The large Chinese population has attracted the best restaurants in the country.

Meanwhile, back in Miami, I want to declare that Kosushi is one of the best Japanese restaurants in the country. This amazing restaurant is located at 801 South Pointe Drive, a block away from the famous Joe’s Stone Crab.

I consider myself a sushi expert because I have been eating it for years, from every type of venue all over the world. I am telling you that the sushi from Kosushi melted in our mouths. I never tasted anything so good. My client, a lover of Japanese food, totally agreed with me. In fact, I think the meal bonded us in ways that you can only experience if you love sushi.

I was so proud of myself. Even though the restaurant is pricey, I insisted on ordering every sushi selection on the menu. He wanted to share. I was hosting so I said I was ordering a double order of everything on the Signature Sushi menu. I have been working with this client a very long time and he deserves the best. I also didn’t want to miss a piece.

As it turns out my decision was a good one. We both said every piece was a magical delight. We can’t explain the taste other than it was delectable. We have both been to Japan and excellent restaurants in the United States but this was very exceptional.

We learned from the website that Kosushi started in

São Paulo, Brazil in 1988. Kosushi has been awarded with a Michelin Guide star in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Kosushi Miami is the first international location for the brand. Chef George Koshoji, and business partner Carlos Augusto Carvalho, are the owners.

“We marry traditional Japanese techniques with Brazilian flavors and what ties it all together is the quality of the food,” Carvalho says. “We have been well accepted in Miami. People who come into the restaurant appreciate the precision of the cut, unique spices, and the quality of the rice.”

By the way, the interior design at Kosushi is quite overwhelming. It’s a combination of Japanese architecture in a contemporary look. The design features white oak wooden cubes in a complex joinery arrangement with luminaires tied to it, contrasting the organic shapes of the sushi bar and the tables area bench, achieving visual balance and harmony.

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