Doing The Vox Trot

I am still amazed that there is a little digital gizmo that has changed the world of touring. For years when I went on tours I would spend a great deal of my time racing after the tour guide so I could hear his or her every world.

All that changed a few years ago when several companies introduced something called a “radio guide.” It is comprised of a wireless microphone for the tour guide and an earpiece for the touring clients. No more shouting. No more crowding the guide. Everyone can hear the same information, even if you wander off a bit.

I first came across this invention last summer when we took a Riverboat Cruise on the Mosel and the Rhine. Every morning tour guides would take us for walks in many of the German towns. We could all walk at our own pace. What a relief to be able to enjoy the sights without having to keep our eyes on the guide.

The same thing happened in Croatia. Upon our arrival, we were given something called “The Whisper.” There are 40 people in our group so it is such a pleasure carrying our own personal speakers.

Vox Tours claims to be the first company to introduce the radio guides.

FACTS on VOX Group®

The first company to introduce the service and define guidelines, modes, logistics and reference fees.

Products: a wide range of VOX tour guide systems, designed and manufactured to meet the actual requirements of each type of service. A specific model for every tour: biking, hiking, fishing, skiing, and camping.

If you go on a tour, make sure you ask if they provide radio guides. I passed a group without them this morning and thought “that is so yesterday.”20120606-065445.jpg




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