Lost And Found

The more we travel, the more we hear about luggage being lost by the airlines for a day or two. I have had that happen to me a few times. I get to a destination only to find out that my luggage didn’t make it. It happened on a business trip to Taiwan 35 years ago, when we traveled to Eastern Europe five years ago and then just last year when we returned from India.

It is such a terrible, empty feeling. The older we get, the more nervous we get about the whereabouts of our luggage. I never pack my meds, extra eye glasses, jewelry, laptop, iPad, Kindle, chargers, and important papers. All that is in my carry on.

Tomorrow we leave for LA for a few days. This trip things will be a little different. I am using the PocketFinder Personal Locator.

 Wait to you hear about this. 

The PocketFinder is a personal GPS. It fits in the palm of your hand. You can use it to track people, pets, vehicles and in my case luggage from the web, the iPhone or Android mobile devices. It’s available for $149.00 and a small monthly charge for the service.

I am going to put one of the personal GPS locators in my luggage. When I get on the airplane tomorrow I will make sure the luggage makes it just by turning on my iPhone.  The mobile PocketFinder GPS mapping application pinpoints the location of the device that will be in my suitcase. 

Just think about the possibilities of tracking a person with dementia or your child, grandchild or even pets. Users can customize the map application by establishing zones that automatically send alerts if a loved one enters or leaves a zone on foot or in a vehicle. In addition, speed alerts can be set that notify users if a vehicle exceeds set speed limits. Alerts are sent instantly via email, SMS text, and push notification.

The devices are as easy to recharge as a cell phone.

PocketFinder’s GPS Vehicle Locator attaches to automobiles, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, jet skis – virtually any powered vehicle. It allows users to pinpoint the location of the vehicles as well as their speeds – capabilities especially welcomed by parents of teenage drivers. The compact GPS Vehicle Locator can also help authorities to quickly find a lost or stolen vehicle.

Don’t tell me that you don’t find this mind bloggling? Who ever thought there would be a day that we could track people and things from our telephone? What an unbelievable time to be alive!

3 thoughts on “Lost And Found

  1. The only problem with this device is that the first thing that I tend to misplace is my smart phone, and that is the very device that I need to use to track a missing object! I love the idea of using it to keep tabs on my cat when she’s out though, particularly on those sultry summer evenings when she decides to stay out long after dark!

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