DigiDame Nailed A Scoop !!!

You may not remember but on June 11th, I wrote a post from Croatia saying that outdoor TV viewing was very popular, especially in bars and restaurants. I showed you a few photos of what the flat panel TV’s looked like hanging on the walls and talked about how crowds gathered to drink, eat and watch sports games together. Before Croatia I had never seen an outdoor flat panel so I found it fascinating. The units I am talking about are designed to be displayed outdoors and remain there in all kinds of weather.

The only other time I had heard about an outdoor TV came from my pal Howard Greenberg. He said he had a friend who owned one. I remember grilling Howard because I never heard think of this concept before. I thought perhaps his friend rigged a traditional set for outdoor purposes. Howard insisted that I was wrong and the TV panel was designed to be displayed outside. He said that his friend installed the unit by the pool so his family could watch their favorite sports shows while swimming, having BBQ’s and just relaxing on their patio.

Just a few days ago, I was telling Greg Tarr, Executive Editor at TWICE magazine, a trade publication in the consumer electronics business, about the outdoor flat panel TV that I saw in Croatia and what Howard had told me. Greg is the utmost authority when it comes to new product introductions and trends in the TV hardware business.

Greg confirmed that outdoor flat panels are now appealing to a wide general audience in the United States and he just wrote an article about it. The manufacturers that are in the business so far are SunBrite, Cinios, Runko, Seura, and Toshinaer. I was thrilled that I spotted this trend in Europe and that I shared it with you earlier this month.

Thank you Greg for taking the time to share your story with me and my readers.

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