My Life, My Schedule Continues

Barbara and Frank

Yesterday, Barbara talked about the commitment and discipline you must have if you decide later in life that you want to go back to school via the Internet. Millions of people are opting for the University of Phoenix because of the curriculum and leadership in this sector of education.

Question: What are the costs involved in taking courses?

Barbara: Just because the courses are online, doesn’t mean it is less expensive than schools with walls. Getting a degree online is as expensive as traditional college. Each class, which runs about five weeks, costs around $1,200. Every year I spent about $18,000 in order to get my degree. As I mentioned before, it took me five years to get a four year degree. If you figure out the math, you’ll see this is a very serious undertaking.

Q: How much interaction is there between you and the other students in the class?

B: Unless you actually take an online class, you really can’t understand the dynamics of the relationships established during this journey. I believe that some of the friendships I’ve made are just as great, if not greater than those I would have made in a bricks and mortar classroom. There are no pretenses. No time for the usual social judgements. We all helped each other to succeed. You establish relationships with people based on a common cause. That is very different than sizing someone up because of physical or economic attributes.

I am very close to a gal now who comes from the south and who was dirt poor growing up. She was a genius in statistics. Without her I probably would not have made it through physics. She needed me for writing. We were each other’s backup. We spent countless hours offline texting and chatting. We see each other socially now. There is a common denominator now between us that is stronger than some of the social relationships I have made in my lifetime.

Q: How often are you in contact with the instructor?

B: Most of the time you are interfacing online. Occasionally, if the school feels you are slipping or need some encouragement, there is a coach that will call to counsel you. It is more of a pep talk to get you focused and grounded. You get all the help you need but you have to show a strong commitment to be taken seriously.

If you have any other questions, please post them here. Barbara will be sure to answer you.

1 thought on “My Life, My Schedule Continues

  1. Hello Barbara! My name is Marsella, my mothers name is Christal Bobbitt and shes been looking for you for the past 20yrs I know. Can you please contact ASAP @ 919-559-5351

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