The Next Big Thing In TV—–4K

You will be hearing a lot about a new improvement in TV viewing called 4K, so I wanted you to know about it first. It is a long way off, but tech writers will be devoting a lot of their stories to it. That is what they always do when a new improvement has been announced. I didn’t want to leave you in the dark, so I am giving you a simple explanation of 4K and links to other stories if you want to explore.

The reason why it is called 4K, is because it is four times the resolution of the current HD – high definition – now.  Current HD maxes out at 1080 lines or a 1080p picture.  4K HD is 4096 lines, or 4096p.  Kind of like the regular display in the 1st generation iPad vs. the Retina Display in the new iPad – more pixels, higher picture quality. 4K originated in movie theaters.

Toshiba promises to ship a unit in the first quarter of 2013.  Westinghouse showed a 4K TV at CE Week.

That is all you need to know for now. Impress your kids and friends when you casually mention 4K to them. Trust me, they will suddenly have a new respect for like never before.

Toshiba’s 4K TV$12000-55-inch-4k-3d-tv-dazzling/

Sony is releasing a 4K projector

Ars Technica describes 4K.

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