My iPhone Habit

The way my parents used to grab for a cigarette, is the way I reach for my iPhone. Well, maybe a little more. Absentmindedly, I turn it on and off at least 100 times a day. I need my fix as often as I can get it.

I use my iPhone for email, to write my blog, read all of my newspapers and magazines, make phone calls, texting, access Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Words With Friends, Audible for audio books, my 85 apps, Google, stocks, voice memos, dictionary, calendar, picture taking, videos. YouTube, Skype, iTunes, Open Table, TED, Sirius XM, Pinterest, plus, plus, plus.

If you are reading this and feel sorry for me, don’t bother. I do plenty of other stuff. I just use my iPhone for both work and relaxation.

But unlike many others, I don’t check emails and take casual phone calls during face-to-face meetings unless I am on a tight business deadline. I know how to be respectful.

Apparently I am not the only one with a nervous iPhone tick. According to PC Magazines most Americans reach for their smartphones while watching TV.

The research for this story was conducted by PEW Research, a nonpartisan fact tank that provides information on the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world.,2817,2407316,00.asp



2 thoughts on “My iPhone Habit

  1. “a nervous tick”!! Omg…EXACTLY!! I’ll be laying in bed and do my usual checking in on apps…put it down for all of maybe 45 seconds…only to get anxious and pick it back up to check the same damn apps!! lol!! I get a cramp in my thumb from how much I use mine!!

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