TV On The Web Is Now Getting Its Own Guide

A number of publications, including the giant USA Today, is publishing a daily guide to help Americans find the most popular TV (or video) shows on the web. Remember, the other day I told you that Jerry Seinfeld created his own TV show on the web called “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.” That is one of just hundreds, millions and soon to be billions of video shows on the worldwide web. Tom Hanks has also created a new online animated series called Electric City

It was just a matter of time that someone tried to organize the TV shows on the web plus all of the alternative programming sites such as YouTube, Hulu and Netflix carrying exclusive programming. USA Today is very proud to be one of the first big name newspapers that is doing this. In print, the new feature will appear on the TV listings page, and it will have its own dedicated spot online at

Here are some of the others available. You have to go through some of them to see what areas you may enjoy.

Be a video pioneer and search for new content. If you find anything that is worthwhile, let the rest of us know.

OVGuide is the destination site to search and discover free online high quality videos on the Web.
MediaChannel is a unique website that is dedicated to guiding web visitors to the “best” video content that can be viewed over the Internet.

Clicker is the complete guide to Internet Television.

TV has a download column which covers television shows available for download or online viewing.

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