A Short Cut For Creating “Group Email Distribution” Lists

Ever since the Internet has been invented, I have been sending out emails to hundreds of friends and business associates, all at one time. It never occurred to me to form “Group Lists” so that every time I have an email to send out, I don’t have to go through my thousands of contacts to check off each name one-by-one.  I have lost days, maybe weeks, of my life checking off the “same names” for each mailing.

Today, I was taught what many of you may know already, how to create a “Group List.” I am going to give you step-by-step instructions how to do it so those of you who are unaware of this short cut, are in the loop too.  This is perfect for all of you who love sending out those “dumb jokes” or pictures of yourself on the toilet.

Here we go:

Open Microsoft Outlook.

Click on “Contacts.” (Usually found on the lower left corner of the screen)

Click on the  little arrow pointing down right next to “New.” (Top left hand corner of the screen).

You will now see a list in the upper left hand corner.

The first name on the list  is “Contact”—skip that.

Second name down is “Distribution List.”

Click on “Distribution List.”

Type in the name of your “Distribution List.”

The next step is to select names for the “Distribution List.”

Click on “Select Members.” It is located right above where you typed in the name of the “Distribution List.”

Your address list will appear.

Highlight the names you want on the list, one-by-one.

After each name, you click on “Members.” “Members” is located below the list.

Each time you click on “Members” another name will be added to your list.

When you are finished selecting “Members,” click “Save And Close.”

Congratulations, you just created a list.

Any problems, call me.

1 thought on “A Short Cut For Creating “Group Email Distribution” Lists

  1. It’s even easier to use an email management company like Constant COntact to manage your lists and group emails for you. Their tools and protocols help the emails from going into your recipients spam folders too.

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