What Would You Ask A Dead Person?

As far back as I can remember, I was always afraid of ghosts. I lost my grandfather Jake when I was 13. I slept with the lights on. I drove myself crazy. I thought he would suddenly appear in my room. One day I admitted this to my older brother who said he would be thrilled if that ever happened to him. I was stunned! “Wouldn’t you be scared?” He said it would be such a great opportunity to ask him many unanswered questions.

I thought about my brother’s reply for a long time. I still think about it today. As the years went by, we lost more and more family members. I became less afraid and started to hope that some of them would get in touch with me. Funny how life changes. When my mother died over seven years ago, I wanted her to give me a sign. She used to talk on the telephone all the time. I thought for sure she would call me. If anyone could do it, she would be the one. There have been a lot of things I can attribute to her watching over me, but I don’t have any definite proof.

All that might possibly change with a new app being secretly developed by a network of mediums who claim they have the skill to help us talk to our love ones that have passed to the other side. Now before you close this screen because you think I have gone mad, read on. There is nothing wrong with being open-minded. I am not a believer either. I will only believe when I personally communicate with someone who died. It has to be me with the dead person. No intermediaries.

I do, however, want to explore what these mediums are talking about, because I think it makes for an interesting post. The mediums don’t want to be identified because they feel my audience is not big enough for a debut. The Today Show or The New York Times is more their speed. Fair enough. The app is still in development and the only reason why I know about it is because we were approached to handle the PR.

By the way, the people we are talking to have been on TV many times and have a few million followers all around the world. I am at a point in my life where a medium doesn’t threaten me. If he or she is for real, great. If not, I have been scammed by lots of entrepreneurs who feel they have the next big thing. I am in good company. Most venture capitalists and angel investors get scammed every day of the week. They buy into someone else’s dream and write enormous checks to fund them. All I have to give is an hour or so of my time.

Back to the reason why I wrote this post. My question to you is, “Would you download this app if it was free?” At this point the app would allow you to check off who you wanted to ask a question to and then an answer would appear. There are going to be a lot of other options, but some may require face-to-face meetings with the medium. Another feature will be a dead person reaching out to a living loved one. The community has to help the mediums find that person.

It is going to be very interesting to see if Apple approves this app.

In the meantime, just think about it. If you had the opportunity to talk to someone you love who is deceased, wouldn’t you want to? I no longer sleep with the lights on. I am constantly looking for a sign!

4 thoughts on “What Would You Ask A Dead Person?

  1. For free? Sure…i’d try it. But like you…i want my ghost to reach out and communicate with me. Just us. Me and my ghost. I very much believe in them and wish i had another encounter (one oldish man sat in my legs at 2:13am while i was sleeping…telling me jokes until i woke up. Then he turned on my bathroom sink and left. I didn’t know him…but i often think about him and his life story. My kitty also visited me twice after he died…I just wish my dogs would. So if the app can offer any insight into how they are…i would check it out! 🙂

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