Be Prepared For The Next Weather Emergency

Ever since Sandy hit last Monday, I have been thinking about what our home should be equipped with in case of another emergency. I know that it is difficult to think about but we now know we have to take precautions. I combed lots of websites and publications to find the right answers and then I stumbled on exactly what I was looking for in a story in Mashable, a leading tech blog. I wanted to share the products they recommended.

Gas-Powered Space Heater, no electricity,required.

Jump starts your car battery back to life.

Loksak makes an airtight, waterproof bag in a variety of sizes to protect value gadgets.

The Camelbak’s All Clear water bottle uses solar power to purify your drinking water.

This portable solar charger can power your cell phone twice.

Mophie’s iPhone case keeps your phone charged up to 36 hours longer.

This external battery charger from Energizer can charge multiple devices at once and can add approximately six hours of laptop use.

Check out this solar power radio with a backup hand-crank and a flashlight.

Hands free headlamps have become very popular because you can see in the dark and others can now see you.

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