There May Be a Tattoo in Your Future

Nanshu Lu, 35 years old

Nanshu Lu, 35 years old

electronic tattooHappy New Year. We wish you a fabulous 2013.

I know that many of us have questioned the proliferation of tattoos in the last few years among the younger set. Eliot would say to me, “What is that guy going to look like at 60 with that art work on his body?” Then he would add, “The innovator who comes up with a removal system for tattoos is going to make a fortune.”

Now comes word Nanshu Lu, a 2009 Ph.D. graduate of the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), has been recognized by Technology Review magazine, for her work in wiring up the human body with electronic tattoos. Electronic tattoos will act as devices that can monitor vital signs like pulse, temperature, vocal vibrations, and brain signals. The tattoos are extremely thin and flexible silicone materials that adhere to the skin. They are so thin that they imitate the texture and elasticity of skin. We are definitely entering the age where electronics combined with human tissue will monitor our health. That might mean a whole new revolution of tattoo artists.

Technology Review is honoring Lu as one of the world’s top 35 innovators under the age of 35. Yes under 35 !!!

Lu is now an assistant professor in Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at the University of Texas, Austin, where her current research involves developing a more advanced balloon catheter, with new types of integrated sensors; perfecting the electronic tattoos; designing unconventional, flexible strain gauges; and exploring new ways to integrate stiff and brittle materials like ceramics into stretchable substrates.

Please watch the video to see how the electronic tattoos work. The videos embedded in the DigiDame posts do not work on your mobile phone. View them on your desktop or laptop computers. Don’t miss this video. I wanted you to start off 2013 with a big WOW!

2 thoughts on “There May Be a Tattoo in Your Future

  1. Thanks for your posts. I am able to view your videos on my iPhone if I go to your main page by clicking on comments. The video shows up there. I will do anything to avoid my laptop and use my phone. Happy and healthy new year to you, Elliot and Whitney 🎇

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