First Look at Smart Watches Now in the Marketplace

As Seen in The New York Times

As Seen in The New York Times

Clockwise from top left: The Cookoo, I’m Watch, Meta Watch, Casio G-Shock GB-6900, and Martian.

I remember when Eliot bought me a Rolex watch. That was many years ago. I wore that watch like a billboard pronouncing our success. Friends, family, and business contacts would often remark that I was one of only a few people who owned a Rolex. Almost immediately, I noticed that the watch didn’t keep accurate time, but who cared, it was really a piece of jewelry.

Leave it to fashion to change all that. Within a few years, the delicate, classic design of my luxurious watch was out-of-date. The leading ladies of the fashion world were suddenly sporting big clunky watches with lots of bells and whistles. Some were even wearing varied colors to match their different outfits.

At the time, my girlfriend Bonnie told me she saw a snazzy-looking gal in Bloomingdale’s wearing one of the most gorgeous watches she ever saw. I don’t know what prompted her, because this is not her usual manner, but she went right up to the fashionista and said she loved the watch and would she mind telling her where she got it. The woman thanked her and admitted it was a Swatch, but that it was only available in Europe.

Can you imagine? Women were ripping their Rolexes and Cartiers off their wrists for a plastic watch. Bonnie was dismayed that she had no immediate plans to travel to Europe so she could get one.

Bonnie had relayed this story to me when we were in Miami together. I told her there was a Swatch store on Lincoln Road and that we should see if they had it in inventory. Bonnie was reluctant because she was sure the woman was right about this new style being sold only in Europe. Still, I convinced we should at least try.

Bonnie described the watch to the sales guy, and within five seconds he whipped out the watch Bonnie was longing for. She kept staring at it in disbelief, thinking it couldn’t be the same one. While she was on her little mind trip, I slyly suggested she buy me one too, since she had gotten so lucky. Without hesitation, she ordered two, and we both wore those very fashionable watches for years. I still do.

I have no idea where my Rolex watch is. Probably somewhere in one of my many jewelry boxes. I will have to find it, though, because my Swatch is about to join it. Soon we’re all going to be wearing smart watches.

Don’t laugh. I know I talked about this topic before but more and more manufacturers are starting to introduce them. I am getting press releases every few weeks with new smart watch announcements.

Here’s why we will all begin wearing smart watches:

1) You could lose your Android or iPhone, but this unit will be tethered to your wrist.
2) The sound will be amplified and you will hear it better.
3) It will be a status symbol.
4) The price will be much cheaper than a Rolex: Meta Watch ($180), Cookoo ($130), Casio G-Shock GB-6900 ($180), Martian ($300), and I’m Watch ($400,
5) The smart watch will have features even your smart phones do not.

David Pogue, personal tech editor of The New York Times, gives a “hands-on” review. Click here.

2 thoughts on “First Look at Smart Watches Now in the Marketplace

  1. This is so funny! I was on 5th Avenue just yesterday with my sister after a disappointing outing at MoMA (dusty exhibits? really?). As we passed the Swatch store, we noted how obsolete wearing a watch has become. We all gaze at our smartphones all day long. Who needs to look at their wrist for the time, she remarked. Then I puffed up and told her (I read DigiDame, you know), yeah, but that’s all about to change when the functions we go to our phones for will now be conveniently on our wrists and we won’t have to go digging in purses or pockets for our tired old phones. Then, this morning, your post appears! I’m not sure I like those styles quite yet. And maybe I’ll just wait until the data is available right in front of my eyes. How’s that going to work?

  2. Lois, I don’t believe the smart watch is going to be the next big thing. It’s kind of funny that Apple is being rumored to have 100 engineers working on an Apple Watch, as their new innovation. It’s just not convenient to be holding your arm out at an angle to use the features of a smart watch, the way you hold a your phone in front of you. It’s also not comfortable to do it. Try holding your arm out in front of your face, and see how long you can go before your arm is tired from being extended like that. Major disincentive.

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