I Have My Own Opinion about Women in the Workforce


Okay, I did not read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In about giving encouraging advice to woman in the workplace. Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, is getting great reviews just for addressing the issue that women are not getting the respect they deserve on the job. I totally agree, but not for the same reasons. I will read her book in the upcoming months, but I just know from all the reviews that she did not cover the viewpoint I have had for the last 46 years of my career.

Men are not the reason why women are second class citizens. Women have allowed themselves to take that place. Maybe it is a mother nature thing, but women are their own worst enemy. You can argue this point with me from now to the end of time, but I will stick to my opinion because of what I have seen over the years.

Most upsetting to me is the increasing number of New York career women in the digital workforce who are getting lap dancing jobs at some sleazy night club in the Financial District to supplement their incomes to the tune of up to $1,000 a night. I read about this joint, the Saint Venus Theater, this morning in several newspapers and heard about it again during the day from some of my contacts. Women are making big bucks each night just by gyrating in some guy’s face. And unlike the lap dancing dives I knew of in my heyday, this one allows men to actually touch the women from the waist up.

What sickens me tremendously is that these women have meaningful jobs with great potential. The problem is that many women just want to be the next Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton. They could care less about their careers. They want to go from showing their bodies off to being mommies in some rich man’s house. I don’t know where these girls are coming from, but they seem to be multiplying on the streets of Manhattan. How serious can you be about a woman in business today when she bends over the conference room table to reach for a pen and pad and most of her tush is exposed for all to see.

In my opinion, this has been going on since the beginning of time. I have been so disappointed with women co-workers who would rather use their bodies to advance their careers than experience the day-to-day sweat that it takes to build one. Some of us don’t have a choice. We were not given the goods to take the sexy alternative route. We do, however, have the upper hand. We know we are stronger, smarter, more sensible and have better survival instincts then most of our male counterparts. We just need women to have more confidence in themselves and be willing to experience one of the most rewarding joys in life: self fulfillment.

9 thoughts on “I Have My Own Opinion about Women in the Workforce

  1. I totally agree with you! If more women had self confidence in themselves,
    this would not be a last resort effort…

  2. The problem with Sheryl Sandberg’s book is that her story has been told countless times by many other more capable writers and better role models. She has been manufactured by the publishing industry that desperate needs best sellers, just as Hollywood needs schlock hits every season. Using the word struggle and Sandberg in the same sentence is a disservice to anyone with a brain. She “has it all” because she started with most of it. The real heroes, single women with two menial jobs who manage to keep their kids out of crack houses and send them to college, are hardly a target market for Sheryl’s bloviations about women’s aspirations. Watching her flogging her book was enough to make me barf.

  3. It’s hard for me to have an opinion here. I have been a teacher for the last 30 years so I’m already in a female-driven work environment. I do believe that the same male workers in a similar situation would not have to put up with as many “give-backs” and salary slashes in their contracts as teachers do because it would be assumed that they would never put up with this to begin with. Management always believes, at least in a union situation, that women (teachers) won’t put up as fierce a fight. In that respect, I do agree that women are their own worst enemy. On the other hand, I teach in a population where many of the students’ mothers are working at very menial jobs and/or are single mothers and none of them that I am aware of are “advertising” themselves in such a demeaning manner. That only serves to negate the years of study and hard work put in to get where they are today. Many young women who have taken higher-level positions in law, corporations, etc. now say that the women who have already achieved success in their offices are not so willing to remember what it was like for them and therefore are not as willing to help out the new young women on their staff. That is very disappointing to hear.

  4. Wow. That’s a pretty intense indictment against women. My experience has been completely different. The women professionals I know work harder and take less credit for their efforts than they should but its still a world where men do the hiring and the promoting and when it comes to promoting to their level they stay in their comfort zone. Maybe a woman or two but unusual to see a majority of women at the top.

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