Check Out the Checkout Counter


I don’t know what took me so long, but a few months ago I realized that the checkout aisle in supermarkets and drug stores no longer had the same meaning that it did for most of my life. After I finished shopping for food or cosmetics, I would always spend time looking at the magazines at the checkout counter. If a magazine cover intrigued me, I would buy that issue.

I have noticed recently that most people our age don’t look at the magazines at the checkout counter anymore. They are staring at their cell phones from the minute they get on line till they check out. No more grabbing a few magazines, gum, and candy. Everyone is so focused on using this idle time for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and emails that they don’t even look up.

My passion for the checkout aisle ended way over a year ago when I decided to get rid of all of the print and go totally digital. Everything I want to read is on my iPad mini. The weight of the magazines has been reduced to a few ounces and I also get alerts when new issues arrive. What a pleasure.

Bloomberg News just did a big story about how retailers are dealing with the lack of sales at checkout counters. Some stores are creating new displays in different areas of the retail floor, while others are setting up co-promotions. Read all about it here.

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