Unchartered Waters


In today’s previous post, I talked about the tech industry getting more involved in the study of the brain. I also mentioned that the tech industry will be starting a lot of projects involving the ocean. There is so much to learn.

For example, Virginia Tech has a new project to find out more about our the deepest parts of our oceans. They want to use a $5 million robo-jelly fish called “Cyro” to study the oceans, map sea floors and discover new things about marine life.

The robot is still a prototype but definitely illustrates the kind of tech work that will be happening in the future. Exciting times ahead.

1 thought on “Unchartered Waters

  1. So smartphones are supposed to make our lives better? VM had a glitch – two hours with tech support. Getting contacts onto the phone was interesting. On one hand my flip phone was so old it wouldn’t transfer my phone list via bluetooth, but when I put google on the new phone, all the contacts there did transfer and I didn’t want them to. Resolving that mess took me about three hours. And I still key more incorrect letters than correct ones and the hardest letter to get right is e!

    I have faith though. At some point it’s going to be wonderful.

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