Holocaust Survivor Leaves $40 Million to No One


Mr. Blum in striped suit.

After I read a front page story in The New York Times about the life of Roman Blum, a Holocaust survivor, it made me examine my own. We all have our own questions about who we are and what we are doing. His story made me realize once again how complex life is and the different journeys we all take.

Roman Blum died at 97, without any known heirs and without a will. He left an estate worth nearly $40 million. To find out why, click here.

If you find this story interesting, I have copies of an autobiography of a woman in her late 80s, “Peggy Tredler: Lives Worth Living” who not only is a survivor but gave birth to one of the most successful businesswomen in America. Her daughter, Edie Laquer, is a friend of mine. Click here for Edie’s story.

Three remarkable stories. Three remarkable people. All brought to you through the power of the Internet.

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