Wimbledon: When You Want It!


Every year I forget about Wimbledon. I am hardly a tennis buff but I thoroughly enjoy watching these matches. There is something about Wimbledon that draws you into the sport.

The problem is by the time I turn on the TV and accidentally catch a game, half the matches are over. I guess I’m not the only one. YouTube has just announced a fabulous solution for everyone who is ultra busy in this digital age.

I never imagined having a choice like this, but now you can watch all of the matches online, live or at your convenience. They are showing it all, the games, the press conferences, interviews, and content from behind the scenes that was never available before.

Since I haven’t viewed YouTube’s new offering yet myself, I am not sure how the multiple live matches will be shown. I wanted to get the news to you as soon as possible. I have heard that YouTube is experimenting with their broadcasts to make sure you see the most exciting plays as they happen.

Since we are all experiencing this for the first time, be sure to share what you find out so we can equally enjoy this new development and not miss a thing.

I just took a peek. I wanted to see the replay where Steve Darcis beat Rafael Nadal. I am a big Nadal fan and all I could pick up was a Bosnia broadcast. I had to suffer watching the crushing moment without an English explanation.

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