A Parking Meter that Talks to You



The biggest nightmare about metered parking is making sure your minutes don’t run out. Countless times over the years I have watched people racing down the streets of Manhattan to feed a meter before a traffic cop could show up. I also remember being in the movies, restaurants, and concerts when friends had to suddenly leave the premises in order to make sure their parking meter didn’t expire.

While I knew about PayByPhone quite a while ago, I never witnessed how it actually worked. Just like a neophyte, I stood there in amazement yesterday morning when a bunch of us went out for breakfast in Midtown Miami and no one left the table as we sat for hours talking. I did see a few friends pull out their smartphones, bring up the PayByPhone app, click on two bars, announce that they had just extended their parking meters by an hour, and order more coffee. I marveled at both the convenience and the brilliance of such an invention.

Then I really got blown away when one of my friends got an alert that he needed to feed the meter. It was a 10 minute warning. Once again, he pulled out his smartphone, tapped the app twice, and put his cell away. I just sat there in awe. It’s one thing to write about technology. It’s another to see it in action.

No more coins or pay-and-display receipts. It’s now even easier to pay for your parking using PayByPhone. It’s available on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

PayByPhone is now North America’s leading provider of mobile payments in the parking industry. PayByPhone operates across North America and Europe in over 180 cities including London, Miami, Vancouver, Newcastle, San Francisco, and Paris. Over three million people have signed up to use the PayByPhone service.

5 thoughts on “A Parking Meter that Talks to You

    • Hi, Chris from PayByPhone here, we just launched in Seattle last month. Signs and stickers are installed downtown and we’re continuing the installation throughout the city. Get the app and sign up!

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