TV Watching Waning Among Millennials


Boy, has life changed since I was a young! I watched TV all the time and still do. But not the 18-to-34-year-old group known as the Millennials. So if young folks are not watching TV, who is buying all those big flat-screen TVs? Are people of our generation the only true coach potatoes?

A recent survey by The New York Times showed that broadcast TV viewership appears to be slowing down generationally.

Roughly one in three youngsters watch less TV than online videos. Some young folks claim they do not watch TV at all. At the same time, fifty percent say they watch video online at least once a day.

The Times survey said thirty-four percent of those surveyed reported watching mostly online video or no broadcast TV, as opposed to equal amounts of TV and online video, or only TV. Fifty-six percent of youngsters said they want immediate access to their choices, while forty-nine percent said they like being able to watch multiple episodes online. Another forty-four percent said mobile devices allow video viewing in places and at times they can’t watch traditional TV.

2 thoughts on “TV Watching Waning Among Millennials

  1. I agree with this post — my intro to mass communications students just finished writing essays on their TV viewing habits and almost all of them were using Hulu, Netflix or similar, and very few are watching programs as they are broadcast, or even on their TVs.

    • I am thinking of giving up watching t.v. as well. I can’t stand seeing the same commercials over and over again it’s making me crazy. It used to be 30 seconds or a minute commercials but now it almost equals the viewing time. Why don’t they just stop the programs and have hours and hours of commercials UGH!!

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