Tap, Tap, I Am Thinking of You



Even though most of us are past the dating stage, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to tell someone else that we are thinking of them. That person could be a spouse, a special friend, a child, or even a grandchild.

A company called Woodenshark has developed a sleek silicon slap wristband that will be sold in pairs, so if you tap your bracelet, the other one will vibrate. It’s very comforting to know someone else is thinking of you. TapTap will be available early next year. Like many new startups, the company is making sure it is well funded before going full blast.

The TapTap bands incorporate IFTTT technology for communications. There will be a software-development kit that will allow other capable folks to create other potential uses for TapTap.

TapTap runs up to seven days on one charge. The wristbands are very easy to use. You have to download the TapTap app and connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to that of the person wearing the other wristband. A capacitive sensor on top of the TapTap and an accelerometer sense the taps.

Users can create their own language based on the number of taps. For example, one tap means “I love you,” two means “I miss you.” Maybe three could mean “I am tapped out.” Ouch!

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