Keep It To Yourself




I’m hopefully about to start a new trend in health care and I plan to use social media to spread the word. What better way to kick it off than my own blog. You are reading it here first.

There is a new product on the market that we all wished we had but never knew how to get — a personal surgical mask. Say hello to Tutem, individually wrapped single-use masks that help prevent the spread of germs that cause colds and flu. Available in ten different prints, Tutem masks are intended to keep travelers, commuters, co-workers, families, and the rest of us from getting sick this cold and flu season. There are an estimated one billion cases of the common cold in the U.S. per year.

The name Tutem is based on the Latin word tutis, meaning “for our safety.” Tutem is going to be an interesting product to market because, once it catches on, it will be feel like it was here forever.

Tutem founder Jody Vitelli feels the masks fit in perfectly with increasing trends in wellness and public germ prevention. “Keep It To Yourself” is the company slogan.

Tutem custom prints feature a patented breathing chamber that makes long wear easier. The individually wrapped, latex-free masks are sold two per pack and come with all-natural CleanWell sanitizing wipes to clean your hands.

Tutem 2-Packs are $8 (10-Packs are $30) and can be purchased on the website. Let me know what you think of this concept and if you need any.

2 thoughts on “Keep It To Yourself

  1. Clearly, this would be a big hit in China where they wear masks all the time. I think that, in this country, Ms. Vatelli has to start slow, either going into high flu incidence areas or specific populations such as young pre-school or early school age kids. Accordingly, she should license some kid-friendly characters like Power Rangers or Dora. Obviously, social media will be key to make these acceptable. The challenge will be finding some high profile people who will be willing to wear them. It wont be easy. I do love the slogan.

  2. Who knows – it wasn’t that long ago that “nice” people didn’t get tattoos. NO telling what we’ll wear next. And ditto on the Asian question. I see masks on pictures from there all the time.

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