Calorie Free Tastings

Your dreams have just come true. Now you can taste whatever you want and you won’t gain a pound. Let me clarify. Now you can “virtually” taste whatever you want and you won’t gain a pound.

Digital experts from the National University of Singapore have developed a “digital taste simulator” called the Digital Taste Interface that tricks your taste buds into believing that they have just tasted something. The Digital Taste Interface incorporates silver electrodes that send current and heat to your tongue. Because of digital technology you can soon be experiencing anything from a pastrami sandwich from the Carnegie Deli to a five star meal from Jean Georges.

The Singapore researchers reveal that by manipulating the magnitude of current, frequency, and temperature — both heating and cooling — they have been able to induce salty, sour, and bitter sensations. They are not stopping there. Eventually they hope to replicate all five taste sensations.

Just think of the future applications for this. People with diabetes will be able to taste sweet sensations without harm to their blood sugar levels, and those with diseases that suppress their appetites may now receive sort of a regeneration in their sense of taste.

I am also thinking about everyone who is overweight. Perhaps a quick jolt of taste could short-circuit an out-of-control addiction. A taste stimulator could be the answer to a lot of woes. Let your imagination go wild.

You can be sure that I will let you know when a device becomes commercially available. I will be first online. Try to knock me off.

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