I Have a Whole Lot of Dreaming to Do



Duncan McCloud Frazier and Steve McGuigan of Bitbanger Labs.

Two weeks ago I had to write a PR proposal for a potential new client. It was rather detailed because there were many different angles to this product. My job was to figure out the best selling points and then connect all the dots. I attempted to write this proposal many times. It took a long time to make it work.

One night I stayed up late just to devote some quiet time to this assignment. I was happy with what I wrote but there was nothing catchy about it. I became exhausted and decide I had done enough. I immediately feel asleep. However, a very strange thing happened. I started writing the proposal in my sleep, waking up every few seconds in order to remember several good ideas that popped up. I tried to list the ideas in my head but I kept falling back to sleep. By morning I could only remember two things. They were good enough to use so I quickly jotted down some notes.

I didn’t think about this experience again until I heard about the ability to become lucid in a dream. Basically that means you know that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. There is a big community on the Internet who have been exchanging information about controlling your dreams. It is a highly sought after skill. And no wonder. Many experts believe those who learn lucid dreaming are capable of experiencing a date with Lady Gaga, taking a trip to outer space, and being a finalist on The Voice.

Don’t laugh. Many close friends to Paul McCartney swear he composed the song “Yesterday” in a dream. Melodies were reportedly fully formed in his mind when he woke up. Believers believe lucid dreaming is a viable method of accessing subconscious creative channels. In order to make that happen for themselves, two Brooklyn entrepreneurs, one a computer programmer and web designer, the other a photographer (Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan of Bitbanger Labs), created a sleep mask called Remee to help anyone who was interested in lucid dreaming. The sleep mask flashes a series of light patterns during REM sleep to alert the user that he or she is dreaming. The mask does not control the dream. It assists in lucid dream induction.

That seemed to be good enough for the 6,000 backers around the world who wanted to help fund this project on Kickstarter. The two co-founders of Bitbanger Labs were hoping to raise $35,000 on the crowdfunding platform for the first 300 masks. What a surprise. They raised almost $600,000.

Remee’s design is a personal version of the one made by Stanford University oneirologist Stephen LaBerge in the 1990s. The commercial unit cost around $600.00. The Remee is $95.00. Some people can become lucid dreamers with little effort; others need training. To find out more about the advantages of lucid dreaming click here. Also watch the video and do your Google search as well.

There’s a whole lot that you don’t know about yourself.

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