Un-Appy Habits




I’m not going to chew gum anymore.
I’m not going to chew gum anymore.
I’m not going to chew gum anymore.

I can’t break the habit of chewing gum. It makes me feel productive. This is a big stretch but I guess you can compare it to someone who runs. Many people run because they expel a lot of pent-up energy and they get a great sense of accomplishment. Every time I chew gum, I feel like I am making my motor run. I like the feeling of biting down on something that needs to be kneaded.

I know I sound like a crazy person. Do crazy people chew gum? I need to break this habit. I had been telling my friends about my dilemma and one of them recommended the app called Lift. The app helps you accomplish changes in your life.

Lift is designed to solve tough problems, keep you motivated, and develop new positive habits while ditching old bad ones. The app explains itself this way:

Lift tracks and display graphs to show users how many times the habit was performed, over the past weeks / months. To gain ‘Momentum’ on the app, you need to perform and check-in a habit at least 3 times a week. ‘Momentum’ is used as a yardstick to measure how near you are from making the habit your habit.


Additionally, the app comes with a support system, in the form of users community. The community provides encouragement (or a healthy level of peer pressure), as they can give you ‘props’ (likes) for your check ins. Props, as a form of peer recognition, can fuel motivation. Lift users are encouraged to join a challenge. The challenge is led by a “Lift coach.” Other like-minded individuals also join the challenge. Then you check in every day and you all create the new habit, or stop the old habit, together.

It’s as simple as that. I will let you know if I ever stop chewing gum.

1 thought on “Un-Appy Habits

  1. You made me smile this morning. My Dad hated gum smacking females, especially if they lived in his house. Once in exasperation he exclaimed, “Stop chomping that gum in my mouth,” Dad shorthand for “”your mouth in my house.” He was a riot of mispoke. Thanks for the smile.

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