A New Jet Without Windows



I hate it when the person sitting next to the window pulls down the shade while we are flying. I want to see what is going on outside, especially when we hit the slightest bit of turbulence. I don’t think the person in the window seat has the right to decide if the entire row flies with the shade up or down.

You are probably asking yourself why I just don’t sit next to the window? I would but I feel too claustrophobic. I started to wonder if most people feel like like I do when I heard that Spike Aerospace, a private airline, is launching a windowless supersonic business jet that will feature video displays rather than windows.

Spike thinks its new idea is going to be a big draw. The airline is going to have an array of cameras outside the aircraft that will send a live video feed to the interior wall screens.

Passengers will feel like they are riding right on top of clouds. Spike has acknowledged that there are people like me who would be uncomfortable with this innovation, but they feel many others will jump at the chance to get a never-before-possible window-seat view of the clouds.

I hope those folks enjoy the ride. It’s not for me.

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