A Day of Nature With a Little Help from the Digital World to Record It

So here we are in the village of La Jolla, CA, at the La Valencia Hotel. Our hotel is pretty swanky but I really love it because it offers free Wi-Fi for the many devices that I drag everywhere with me.

We stayed here before but this time we requested a full ocean view so I could hear the waves breaking. They tried to slip us a corner view but this New Yorker just kept insisting on the particular spot I knew I wanted. They were actually very accommodating.

This morning we woke up to Jonathan Living Seagull on the balcony of our room. He was a few feet from my bed. Just beyond him you can see the palm trees and then the ocean.

I made a YouTube video of this little creature because the little steps he took on the railing represented what Eliot, Whitney, and I wanted to do for the day–walk. We actually did more than six miles on the boardwalk in Mission Beach alongside the Pacific Ocean. My Fitbit registered 16,000 steps. It was very exhilarating. We could have walked longer but we had errands to take care of.

I am back in our room now watching the waves again. The French doors are open and a nice breeze is blowing through, No snow. No humidity. No worries .

7 thoughts on “A Day of Nature With a Little Help from the Digital World to Record It

  1. HI Lois: You need to download the apps from Green Mountain Digital. They are aligned with the Audubon Society and have apps for birds, butterflies, wildflowers, trees, fish and everything nature. If you had the bird app, for example, it would give you all the information you need about the seagull on your hotel balcony or any other bird that happened along that was unfamiliar. Their apps are very cool, and include sounds as well. Enjoy La Jolla. B.

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