Don’t Discount The Consignment Store

Yesterday was my first time ever in a consignment store. I always thought consignment stores were mysterious places where strange transactions took place. Boy was I wrong.

The same tour guide who took us to Cuba is involved in a consignment store in Miami called Las Tias. We decided to visit Carmen Santamarina this past Wednesday and now I feel like a whole new world has opened up to us.

Carmen Santamarina with me

The name of the consignment store

I never realized that an upscale consignment shops contains a multitude of jewels and treasures that you can’t find anywhere else. I did some damage. I found vintage jewelry, handbags, and even a lamp for a fraction of what I would have had to pay for these objects somewhere else. I bought a beautiful clutch for $45 and chandelier earrings for $18.

There is a constant flow of new inventory at consignment shops like Las Tias. While I was poking around, a well-dressed gentlemen came into the store to offer 5,000 square feet of merchandise from an estate with no heirs. He wanted Las Tias to sell all of the merchandise. Bullseye! More treasures.

So many goodies, so little time. I suggested to Carmen that she puts all of her inventory on a website and start social media marketing as soon as possible. These finds are just too good not to share. I want to do this project with her because it’s like being in a candy store. New treats all the time. Stay tuned. I hope to make some of the offerings right on this blog. After all, seniors need to explore.








6 thoughts on “Don’t Discount The Consignment Store

  1. You have led such a sheltered, upscale life! I’m amazed that you had not visited a consignment store until now. :>)

    I have been amazed in the same way when I visited a few consignment stores in the Naples, FL area. The wealthy snowbirds who live there from January through April turn over a lot of their furniture and other furnishings each year and it gets resold by these consignment shops. When I move down to that area in a few weeks, I will include stops in some of those consignment shops to see what’s been left there after this year’s high season.

  2. I must confess, I have not embraced consignment shopping. I consign things, but I like that smell of new when I make a purchase. My home already has enough old things that I’ve inherited from the family.

  3. I love consignment stores! We have one in our town of Woodstock called Ellaway’s Attic. I’ve even unloaded boxes of home goods from previous properties I’ve sold and Ellaway’s prices them to move, then reduces the price each week they don’t sell. It’s not about making money, its about putting my things on the shelf and letting someone else have a go with them for a bit. I usually find some little item that fits a spot here or there so it’s really fun. When I’m in Miami visiting you, I’ll have to run by there and take at look.

  4. At some point, you should take a trip up north and check out the consignment shops in Palm Beach. You can’t imagine what the high society people bring in after each social season is over.

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