YouTube Continues To Evolve

YouTube is becoming much more user friendly. I always thought it was user friendly, but I guess its owner, Google, is determined to make it even more so. It wants YouTube to become as popular as television.

We already know that well-known personalities plus average people on-the-street have created their own channels with original content. Some of them, including Jerry Seinfeld and Joan Rivers, are getting a lot of notoriety,

Now, YouTube wants to make sure that everyone is completely up-to-date on all of its features. To keep its “creators” (that’s you) better informed, YouTube plans to release regular “Creator Preview” videos that cover all of the changes. Please watch the first video above.

A new Creative Preview app will also allow users to manage features on their mobile devices. That’s great news for people like me. I use my smartphone for everything. I barely touch my laptop or iPad.

The biggest news is that YouTube is going into the Crowdfunding business. Viewers will be allowed to contribute money directly to YouTube creators. That is going to be big competition for Kickstarter and Indiegogo. For example, if I wanted to start a YouTube show called “I love Lois,” I could raise money for the project right on my YouTube page. Everything contained in one spot.

That is pretty amazing. I predict that YouTube is going to change the entire world of entertainment now that it is giving users many more tools to create , get exposure, and attract supporters.

I hope many more people my age take advantage of what YouTube has to offer. Now is the time to finally express yourself.

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