A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


Illustration from New York Times.

Bad news for seniors who dislike texting. It looks like your fears may come true. It is very possible that your children and their children will forget how to write an English sentence now that new “sticker texting” is coming our way. This is taking emoticons (smiley faces) to a whole new level,

I’ve included a selection of stickers from the New York Times (above) to illustrate what they look like. Many mobile messaging companies are jumping into the sticker text business because there is a lot of money to be made in non-traditional texts. Start-ups, big brands, and investors are watching the message on-the-go business very carefully because it’s just being defined now. No one is sure what type of sayings and graphics will catch on. You can be the one to come up with the million dollar catch phrase.

The two biggest names in the sticker app business are “Line” in Tokyo and “WeChat” in China. They have humongous audiences. Line has signed up 430 million users and WeChat is not that far behind.

Industry analysts feel the competition for sticker texting is still wide open for the United States. No one has figured out what the American public wants or will accept. If someone comes up with a word or phrase that expresses a deep emotion or feeling, it can turn out to be the winning sticker. The more a sticker gets used, the more money the company will make.

One thing is for sure, stickers are already popular in printed form. The likelihood that it will move on to texting, is pretty much guaranteed.

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