Starting Your Week With Two Amazing Videos

I had to share these two videos with you because they are absolutely amazing. It’s also amazing that you can hear about two events during a conversation and then find them on YouTube by just using the proper keywords. We live in such a different world than our parents. I wonder if they would have liked the Internet?

The first is a motorcycle race with an unbelievable ending. Don’t miss it. I think everyone lived. The second is a segment from the Ellen Show that is going to blow your mind. Get ready, set, click.

I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate my friends Gail (Goldman) and Eric Schneider on their Torah dedication today at the Chabad House. It was a wonderful ceremony. Mazel Tov and thank you for inviting us.

Times have changed. I loved when the Rabbi announced that the ceremony was about to start and now was the time to shutdown Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He wanted everyone focused on the signing of the Torah. I thought to myself, “That’s a pretty hip Rabbi.”



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