Pop-Up Tech Parties


The tech industry may be full of nerds, but they sure know how to party. Eliot and I joined our good friend Robin Raskin and her friend Judy Tomlinson at a pop-up Tech Cocktail party in the Design District last night. This was the debut of the Miami’s showcase where 10 startups pitched their ideas to investors. Make sure you click on Robin’s link because she is one of the most remarkable women in tech. I’m going to do another blog post about her,

I’m also going to do another piece about Judy because she is an engineer who designs digital jewelry. As you know, there is a whole new industry called wearables. That means you wear technology in the form of a necklace, wristwatch, ring, pin, and other yet-to-be named accessories.

Robin and Judy

Both Robin and Judy were in Miami for a Boston Consulting gig and heard about the Tech Cocktail meetup in a local warehouse, so we went along with them. Tech Cocktail parties pop-up all over the country and their purpose is to promote local start-ups. We met some creative people at a few innovative companies that we will write about in the coming weeks.

Here are some photos from last night. It was pretty dark in there.






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