#nakedbikeride hashtags

Image: Leon Neal/APF/Getty

My friend Laurie asked me about one of my recent posts this morning at a Father’s Day brunch. She was curious why I wrote about something that wasn’t necessarily “senior” oriented.

Good question. The main reason I write this blog is because I want my readers to be aware of some of the hottest topics or innovative products in the digital world. I hope I’m delivering a service that makes everyone who reads DigiDame very much a part of one of the most remarkable periods in history. Trust me, I know that many readers are far more knowledgeable than I am. All I am trying to do is keep other seniors informed so they can appreciate the tech revolution.

Even a silly post like this one is meant to keep all those who are interested apprised of current Internet news. I can’t stress enough how hashtags (#) have replaced the town crier in ways we never thought possible.

In the last few days, thousands of bikers all over the world met In the buff because of the Twitter hashtag #nakedbikeride. Seventy cities around the globe participated.

This event first took place in 2004. The purpose is to demonstrate “the vulnerability of cyclists on the road” and to “protest against oil dependency.”

I don’t understand the “”oil” part, but okay, I accept it. This year, some of the more active cities were London, Seattle, Chicago and Guadalajara,

Thank you Mashable for publishing some of the sights


14 Jun
Metmanph @metmanph
#wth #NakedBikeRide pic.twitter.com/FOTEfhWW20

14 Jun
Friction Media @FrictionMedia
This definitely is 1 of the weirder walks 2 Waterloo station I’ve had recently #NakedBikeRide @BBCNews @ITV @MetroUK pic.twitter.com/6XcV94px79

14 Jun
Yesica Ramos @YsiicRams
#nakedbikeride #bike #mexicocity pic.twitter.com/rVGS3ss6vJ

We smartly voted to keep our clothes on at Father’s Day brunch. Laurie is to my left. Thank you Laurie.

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